The 5 steps anger coping method

Don´t feed your anger by trying to change too much too fast. Take baby steps, BUT if you are going to take baby steps take the right ones. Learn awareness coping skills that can actually help you put your best foot ahead in just one week.

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I turned to awareness without even knowing that that was what I was doing. For years this has been my go to for calming down my emotions. It became something I did when I wanted to make sure my promise of not being a bitch was going to be reliable. In my experience you need to understand yourself in order to change and cope with your anger. Grab this guide and start cultivating awareness of your darkness.

  • 5 steps to cope with anger through awareness writing exercises.
  • 2 meditation exercises with 3 different and easy techniques to help you concentrate better and calm yourself down.
  • 2 beginner yoga classes to help you relax, and stimulate your body.
  • 1 progressive relaxation technique to become aware of how your emotions change your body and viceversa.

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