I started yoga as a new fitness venture, mainly out of curiosity. My sports background gave me the discipline and consistency to become passionate about the practice. But really it was my psychological studies and life itself that made me think of yoga as something else. From a form of physical exercise, to a tool for mental health and mental illness prevention and lastly to a spiritual path, that is what yoga is to me.

In the beginning the only yoga classes that I would stomach were the ones that were physically challenging, I could not bear the stillness of other styles.  Nowadays I love teaching people to understand their relationship to yoga, to let them now that it’s ok to hate and feel inadequate, as I did in the beginning. I love practicing different styles, and my teachings are definitively influenced by that experience!

I studied yoga on my own for almost five years and then pursuit my formal training of 300 hrs Power Yoga Teacher Training under Dr. Paul Jerard of Aura Wellness Center. My passion for discipline, sports and mental health, made me create different workshops that included yoga, clinical psychological tools and HIIT for the purposes of treating and preventing mental illnesses among youth, children and adults population. The same passion led me to collaborate with Sigmund Freud Psychological Clinic of Universidad Gerardo Barrios, to create classes for the future therapist.

If you are a person ready to take the next step to commit to learn and grow, wether you come from a mental illness or a desire to challenge your body, my wish for you is to come to class and develop a passionate relationship with discipline. I want you to regain power and to be in control of the things you can control and to let go of the ones you cannot. No more victim mentality! Learn to be responsible of the things you can change and compassionate of the ones you can’t.