If you are angry and you know it clap your hands. Yeah, well, that’s why I’m not a comedian. People!
person covered with gray blanket
En Angry Sapiens hablamos de todo lo relacionado a la ira, desde un punto de vista filosófico y desde un
Y en este episodio de mil maneras de morir, en la manera número 530 les traemos, el insomnio. ¿Qué te
Some people need to have everything together before they make a move, others jump constantly at every opportunity to be
Si tienes problemas de ira y quieres comenzar a invertir en llevar una vida más saludable pero no sabes por
The truth can be an elusive and yet terrifying however necessary quest. Not all adventures are ones of excitement, and
Tienes problemas digestivos, es estrés. Tienes problemas para intimar, es estrés. Tienes problemas con tu gato, adivinaste, es estrés. Pareciera
Virtuosity is not something you get by doing nothing. When you are a kid and you see adults, you think
Some stories are too rough to be true, and yet, reality often times is more dramatic than movies. This is
There is no better place to hide than in plain sight. Have you ever misplaced your glasses only to find